4 Keys to Mastering Your Time and Your Life

4 Keys to Mastering Your Time and Your Life

“We always have time, if we will but use it right.”

-Goethe, German Philosopher

Don’t have enough time to get what you want done in a day?

Do you ever feel like you need an extra day in the week?


It’s not that there is not enough time, what is really happening is the lack of managing time. Managing time is a skill that can be acquired.


The better we become at the skill, the more efficient we become.

After cultivating the skill, we begin to realize that there is plenty of time. Let’s face it, the old expression says, “We can always make time for things that are important.”


1. Plan Your Day – It doesn’t have to be time consuming or elaborate. Take 10 minutes the night before or early in the morning and write down everything you want to accomplish, number them in order of importance. Make sure you keep your list visible throughout the day. Check off each goal as you accomplish it. You will be amazed a how much more effective and productive you will become.

2. Make appointment with yourself– Be careful of your language. If you have a time sensitive task that has a deadline. Say to yourself, “ I am going to allocate Tuesday between the hours of 12 noon and 2pm. In most cases you may find yourself finishing earlier than the time allotted because your mind only moves toward specifics. This technique not only helps you get more done but also has some benefits. For Example:  it develops self –discipline, aids in goal-setting, helps overcome procrastination and teaches you to use your time more effectively.


3. Use the little-bit-at-a-time approach- one of the most effective ways of getting major tasks a completed is by doing them a little at a time. This works for me because the little bit a time approach is less intimidating. Block out specific periods in your daily schedule. It works best when the period set aside is at the same time each day. The key is being consistent. Success is the result of hard work done little by little, day by day.

4. Know your most productive time – There’s a certain time during the day when one feels more productive. Same people are morning people like me, while others are night. The most important thing is to recognize your own clock. Schedule yourself to do your most important work during these hours if you can. This is what’s called maximizing time.

“Make the best use of your time, despite all the difficulties of these days.

-Ephesians 5:16

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  1. Shirley

    Hi Daria, Great work. The message here is exactly what some people need to read. There is plenty of time its how you manage it that makes the difference. Warmest Regards Shirley

  2. Sandy Moore

    Time does seem to be an issue for some Daria and you’ve given some great tips here for perfect time management.

    Personally, I use a list and find this works well for me… what isn’t finished on day is continued to the next.

    Great Post!

    Sandy Moore

    • Daria

      Thanks for Visiting Sandy

  3. Kent Smith

    Nice post Daria. Great tips on MLM. Time is a precious commodity. Never enough of it to get everything done but organization does help.

    • Daria

      Thanks Kent for visiting and your comment.

  4. Elizabeth

    Hey Daria,
    Time management for home based business people is very essential. You article has highlighted some of the important aspects there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Daria

      Thanks Elizabeth for your comment.

  5. Neil Bednar

    Great mind think alike, Excellent information Daria.

    Talk Soon,

    • Daria

      Thanks Neil!

  6. Giuseppe Saieva

    Great post Daria. Most people struggle or fail because they don’t plan a routine and stick to it.

    • Daria

      Thanks Giuseppe

  7. David Sharp

    Loved it Daria, they do say that before going to bed at night plan out your next day, then picture how you want it to go. This puts you in charge of the day before you have even got to it yet.

    • Daria

      It really helps David.

  8. Pat McKeon

    hey daria,
    great post champion
    and wowowow do I need
    to pay attention to some
    of your tips..
    i feel like i do some much
    during my day, but sometimes
    feel like i didn’t do anything
    so Productive and or Powerful…
    it all gets done, I think for me
    writing down what i want to do
    for the day will give me a sense
    of what I have truly accomplished
    that day!!

    thanks for the great share, champion


    • Daria

      Thanks so much Pat.

  9. Julie Beachum

    Great points Daria,
    Time management in the past has been one of my short falls, but within a home based business I’ve found there are no middle grounds to managing my time. Thanks for your information.


    • Daria

      Your welcome Julie, glad you got value.

  10. Wendy Elwell

    Thanks for such great information on time management. I also find if I make a list at night, I am definitely more successful in getting the tasks I had wanted to get done, done. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Dana Tisdel

    Great time management tips, Daria, and I needed them! Thanks for sharing!

    Keepin’ it real!

    • Daria

      Thanks Dana glad you got value!

  12. Alecia

    Yes, great tips. This helps you create a routine.

  13. Anne Woko

    Hi Daria, the bit-at-a-time approach works great because what people tend to do is take on too much..if you do things bit by bit, you can pace yourself and something is better than nothing. Great post!


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