5 Tips For Building Trust With Your List

5 Tips  For Building  Trust With Your List


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If you are not interacting with your list, you are
leaving a ton of money on the table!

People do business with whom there know and trust.

Pitching your business is not building rapport nor building trust.

I will outline below how to establish rapport and build trust with your leads.


1. Be honest – Keep it real, share your struggles, challenges and imperfections. It allows for an authentic connection because you are being you. People are turned off by individuals in which everything seems to be perfect because some may feel they can’t measure up.

2. Be Transparent– Showing the human side of who you are outside of what you do, allows your readers and followers to relate to you. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by posting videos and pictures of yourself so they can see who you really are.

3. Be Accessible–  Using soical media is a great way to connect  with your followers. Tweet with them, respond to their comments on facebook. Chat with them personally on skype or oovoo. Have multiple contact platforms where people can connect with you and feel that your are accessible.

4. Be humble– stay humble despite your successes. It’s okay to boast a little about your victories, but don’t make people feel less than. You don’t want to get overlooked because are overly boastful.

5. Be consistent – consistency proves to your followers that you are not a just a flighty marketer, but you are serious and in the game for the long haul. Remaining consistent in your marketing efforts positions your as such. Therefore, people will bookmark, share and continue to follow you.

Building trust and establishing rapport with your list is critical because these are the people that you will give value to, give free stuff to, plus share your products and services with. If you do not follow the principles laid out for you will find that many of them will unsubscribe or not buy because people do not do business with people they do not know.

With that said, Be sure to grab your free copy of the Online Lead Generation Formula: The Step-by-Step Lead Generation Blueprint to Generating Endless Leads Online.

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A Network Marketer/ Educator who is committed to empowering people with Network Marketing strategies and encouraging self-improvement. " I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me"


  1. Melody

    Thanks for the list I really appreciate it..Keep on sharing this useful and informative post..

  2. Shirley

    Love these 5 very valuable points Daria. Awesome! Warmest Regards Shirley

    • Daria

      Thanks again Shirley

  3. Sandy Moore

    An awesome combination of of strategies Daria for building a firm relationship with your list.

    Sandy Moore

  4. Elizabeth

    Hey Daria,
    Thanks for sharing these important blueprints on building trust. I’ve enjoyed reading your article.

  5. Giuseppe Saieva

    Thanks for sharing Daria. Great yet simple strategies everyone can implement immediately.

    • Daria

      Thanks for visiting

  6. Neil Bednar

    Fantastic points Daria,

    Of course with your awesomeness, everyone likes you, wants to know you and longs to trust you….:):) That’s double smiles.

    Only thing left is make the connection and interact. Can’t have the satisfaction without the action!

    Great Post,

    • Daria

      Thanks Neil! Your Awesome.

  7. Ted Burkholder

    Great Work Daria…. Can’t go wrong with consistency & honesty! LOVE IT! 🙂

    • Daria

      Thanks Ted

  8. David Sharp

    Daria, these are great tip for building a relationship with your list but don’t forget to ask them to buy from time to time.

    • Daria

      So So True David. Thanks

  9. Pat McKeon

    Hey Daria,
    another great post…
    staying in touch with
    the people on our list!!
    I think one of the things
    that really help people on our
    list to get to know us, is to
    stay in touch, but not too in touch
    like Diane Hochman says , she only emails
    her list when she has something of value
    to share and for them to purchase!!

    but yes, consistency always works and so does the video…:):)

    thanks daria

    • Daria

      Yes ask them to purchase!

  10. Julie Beachum

    Great tips on building trust Daria.
    When creating an online business, it essential to have trust and develop a connection with your list.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!


    • Daria

      Thanks Julie for your comment.

  11. Wendy Elwell

    Thanks for sharing such great information. I agree it is always important to start with the list you have in front of you and work it. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Alecia

    Very true. Love your insights. Thanks for your inspiration.

  13. Dana Tisdel

    Love it, Daria! So important to build those relationships!

    Keepin’ it real!

    • Daria

      That’s what it’s about.

  14. Penny Turko

    Daria! Yes! I agree it’s about being real and making a TRUE connection with your prospects! Thanx for the reminder!

  15. Penny Turko

    Great Point Daria!
    I think we forget sometimes that it is possible to be humble without getting walked on. Just be REAL! Thans for the insight!

  16. Anne Woko

    Hi Daria,

    Great post! I agree with all your points. Your list is VALUABLE and I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t take care of the people on their list! These are people that will communicate with you and buy from you time and time again because you have built that trust.


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