7 Tactics to Hack YOUR Sales

7 Tactics to Hack YOUR Sales

Use These 7 Surefire Tactics to Hack Your Sales

Wanna Be Sales Savvy

Looking for an edge to close more sales, check out the following 7 sales hacks. They will help you produce better results now. Each is powerful on its own, when combined they become ever more powerful.

1. Sync all contacts to your cellphone.

With your spare time, you can massively improve your productivity by syncing all of you contacts to your smartphone. It makes following up with your contacts much easier. Over the course of a week, you can easily squeeze in a dozen calls because you have access to your prospects phone numbers.

2. Never leave a meeting without a scheduled client commitment for the next meeting.

To move deal faster and more consistently through your pipline, you should never leave an interaction with a prospect without scheduling a follow up. That will minimize your voicemails going unreturned and emails ignored. Open up your calendar and plug them in.


3. Leave a message that you are calling back.

Most people make a couple of calls to their prospect leave an voice mail and then disappear forever, leaving your prospect with the feeling that you are a salesperson that has given up. Instead, be different, stand out. Leave a message like this ” Im sorry that I missed you again, I will try back on Thursday afternoon, and if I miss you again, I will try you next Tuesday morning.” Leave 3 messages, the last one should say something like this “Hi this _____, it’s okay if you do not what to chat,it totally cool, no big deal, this will be my last call, I will not call you again. Hope all is well. Take care. Make sure you do what you said you would do in your message. Posture is very important.

4. Provide you Prospect with value.

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People are in a hurry and have a short attention span. To get a moment with them you have to use a strong proposition like this, ” I’d like to share with you the three insights that everyone your business needs to know if they want to make the changes to success now and in the future.” That statement would make their ears perk up.

5. Ask for the a low – level commitment first.

Your prospects rejects your attempt to schedule a meeting because they believe they’ve will lose an hour or more of their day to meet with you. If they feel they are giving up time, they become very resistant. Change your language and say something like this ” I need 20 minutes of your time to share these ideas with you. I promise I’ll be respectful of your time.” Once you share your insights ( giving value) , they would want to know more. You have to get your foot in the door. LOL!

6. Block time for what is important.

There comes a time when you have to disconnect from, emails, text messages and voicemail. They can eat away your time. To produce better  results, you will have to block the time to sit down with your calendar  and block out time to prospect, even if it is an hour a day. Block out time to follow up with your prospects write or send thank you cards. Also block time to respond to  your voicemails,emails and text messages.

7. Rinse and Repeat!


When YOU begin to incorporate these 7 sales hacks into your daily work flow, you will notice that your sales results will make a gigantic leap.


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