7 Ways to Entice Your Prospect on Facebook

7 Ways to Entice Your Prospect on Facebook

Here’s a Fun Fact for Ya
1.3 Million users & growing
48% login daily

It makes a lot of sense to be on Facebook.
In this episode I share 7 ways to entice your prospect on Facebook  so that they will continue to come back for more, buy and even join you.

7 Ways to Entice Your Prospect on Facebook

1. Gain curiosity ( attention grabbing posts)
 – No links in your status update.
– Post a quote and share how the quote moves you.
– Always ask a question for engagement. ( send a personal message)
– Portray the lifestyle others want.
       – BBQs
       – Travel
       – Events
      – Dinner
      – Parks etc.
2. Create engagement with your posts.
       – Reach out to people who like your posts.
       – Respond to their comments.
       – Respond to anyone who hits your page.
3. Keep your box full
     – Provoke curiosity by asking questions that your prospect might want to know more about.
Example: I finally learned a cool way to get 10 plus leads a day. If you’d like that for your business,
PM (Private Message)  me.
4. Facebook Groups
     – Find a Facebook Group to match your audience prospect.
     – Connect with the administrator
     – Then message everyone else.
     – Create good content and ineract
5. Create videos
     – Introduce yourself
     – ask a question
     – answer the question
     – CTA (call to action)
6. Monetize your Fanpage 
   – create likes ad
   – message likes from a mobile device ( doesn’t go into the other folder)
   – welcome them to your fanpage.
7. Attraction  Blueprint
   – Create a great profile – tell who you are
   – post fun fun stuff
   – Post valuable content that leads to a sale or lead.
 Was that helpful. Leave me a comment below. I actually do read everyone.
Implement these 7 tactics and Prospect on Facebook will love you to no end.

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