How to Acquire the Power of Influence – Inspired by Jeffrey Vincent Noble

How to Acquire the Power of Influence  – Inspired by Jeffrey Vincent Noble

how to influence others
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Learn the Power of Influence


How would you like to posses the power of influence and use anytime you want? You can change the relationships among your friends, family, co-workers and even your spouse.


My friend Jeffrey Noble lays out some tools that has used to influence people in his article called the “Foundation of Influence”. He is also featured on the cover of the book called Great Speakers along with 8 different authors. Jeff is no Joe Smoe on street with a little knowledge.


Why Should You Listen to My Friend Jeff?

Jeffery Vincent Noble is a successful and experienced entrepreneur with extensive studies in human behavior. He is also a certified Master Practioner/ Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It has enabled him to educate, motivate and empower fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, world class athletes and everyday heroes and sheroes to break –through self imposed barriers to make it possible to operate at peak performance. Jeff specializes in training that focuses on Advanced Communication, sales and personal empowerment through self mastery.

Why Rapport Important and What Is It?

Rapport is a relationship of mutual trust or emotional affinity, according to Webster. It is noted that rapport is probably the most important skill on earth. Rapport is also the foundation upon which all influence is built.

Most salespeople do not influence people in a position to make a buying decision because most sales people sell the way they like to be sold, instead of way the prospect buys. Therefore, the salesperson and prospect are out of rapport.

Having rapport allows you to step into some else’s world so that you understand each other. People like to buy but don’t want to be sold. Once you build rapport, the prospect or customer will initiate the sale or joining you in your opportunity.  Human behavior is amazing.


The foundation of Rapport

Achieving Mutual Trust

As explained earlier rapport is a relationship of mutual trust or emotional affinity. It’s difficult to achieve rapport without trust. We trust people who are like us, or remind us of people we like. That’s why we may meet someone for the first time and feel like we have known them for years. At that moment rapport has been established.


No matter how great your sales presentation or pitch is, if you are not in rapport, the prospect will not trust you.

And guess what…? They will not buy or join you in your opportunity.


What is the difference between Business people that establish Rapport and Average Salespeople?


The major difference between The Masters of Influence and the average salespeople is that the average sales person establishes a small amount of rapport and movies straight into the pitch or sales presentation, whereas Masters of Influence first build a strong foundation of rapport and then move into the pitch or presentation.



Jeff’s Recipe for Rapport


Pacing, The 1st four components

Pacing is the process of mirroring and matching any observable behavior in your client, getting into the rhythm of the client.


How in the heck do get into the rhythm of a client without looking crazy?

Here’s an example: Matching is speaking at the same pace as your prospect. By you making the adjustment in your pacing, creates a bond that builds rapport and trust. This bond is happening on a subconscious level because you are telling the prospect you are like them. In return your prospect will respond to you in a positive way. When matching, you don’t want to sound like you are mimicking them. It’s very natural and subtle.

Imagine if you became an expert at pacing both verbal and non verbal behavior your customers, prospects, family members etc. In doing such action, we will gain respect, trust and support more quickly and easily.

Try it!



Tone is the high or low quality of a person’s voice. Match your voice to your customer or prospect in a way that is most comfortable for you. Start off slow and gradually move into matching other person’s tone and it will not be noticeable. Again it’s natural and subtle.


Rate is the speed at which someone speaks. Rate is one of the easiest aspects of speech to match, so adjust your rate of speech to that of the listener.


Volume is the range of loudness of softness of a person’s voice. Adjust your voice to level that the person you are speaking too. Make sure it is comfort level for you. If the person is speaking at a level that is uncomfortable for you, begin where they are and slowly guide them to a more comfort level.



Emotional pacing- we are trying to meet the prospect where he/she is emotionally. His/ her mood can determine how your products or services will be received. Match the mood of your prospect; empathize with them if they are having a bad day or join in with them in their victory. They will begin to open up. At this point you have their attention.


These Pacing tools can be used in all relationships. The key is to listen more than you speak. You can learn a lot about a person by what is said and not said.

Currently Jeff  hosts a FREE Tele-seminar every Sunday @ 8Pm EST. He is doing an Eliminating Mental Parasites Series. I suggest you join me, jump on these calls and get the food for your soul. Get the tools you need heal and become more productive in all areas your life. Go to Jeff’s blog for more information.

To Your Success,


how to influence others
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how to influence others
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    Thanks for sharing such insightful information Daria – building rapport is really a great way to connect with someone easily and effectively.

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