Acquire the Power of Influence Pt. 3- Inspired By Jeffrey Vincent Noble

Acquire the Power of Influence Pt. 3- Inspired By Jeffrey Vincent Noble

power of influence
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Acquire the Power of Influence Pt. 3- Inspired By Jeffrey Vincent Noble


As mentioned in the last two posts “Acquire the Power of Influence I” and “Acquire the Power of Influence II”, establishing rapport is the key to a striving business.

Pacing is one strategy with several components that will help you obtain the rapport you need to have your prospects respond to you in the way you would like.


In this last post I will be discussing Language of Senses.


Have you ever had the experience where you were talking to a client and he/ she just didn’t understand what you were saying?

Masters of Influences have this mysterious ability to unlock their prospect’s mind and speak their language.


I will clear things up for you so it will not be mysterious at all to you.


In  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), our five senses are called representational systems because we represent and interpret the world through sight, sound and touch.

In the language of NLP those systems are called visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  Each representation system has its own way of experiencing the world. Most people are combinations of all three although they do have a primary system. Moreover, your primary will change according to the context.


Ok so… How does this work?


Masters of influence understand that people do not see, hear and feel everything in the same way.


When you combine the Language of The Sense and Pacing, your power to influence will soar.


Visually Oriented People

Visuals experience and interpret the world based on how things look. They live in a world of pictures. They will discuss things with you based on how it looks to them.


Fast Facts about Visual People

  • Speak fast because the pictures are flipping through their mind fast.
  • High pitched voice and breathe high in the chest.
  • Impatient and hate being interrupted.
  • Make decisions base upon how things or product looks
  • Uses hand gestures when they speak
  • Usually don’t forget a face
  • When speaking to them they will frequently look up.


Language of the Visual 0riented

You can distinguish visuals by the words they use. They want to get a bird’s eye view, they want clarity and they see want you mean.

Visual people paint a picture when describing their experiences.


Listed below are word used by Visual People.



Catch a glimpse

Get perspective

Mind’s eye





See it in action





Any so much more…


When influencing visuals show them the product, ie, brochures, photographs, website, blog. Giving them something to look at, it focuses their attention. The visual person will notice everything. When summarizing, make sure it’s clear to them and he/ she sees what you mean.


Auditory Oriented People

Auditory People want things to sound right. They speak in auditory terms. They experience and interpret the world based on how things sound.


Fast Facts about Auditory People

  • Live in a world of sounds and rhythms
  • Voice tends to have a clear resonant quality
  • Breathing tends to be even and deep, coming from the middle of the chest.
  • Sometimes distracted by noise
  • What you say and how you say is very important
  • When speaking to them, they will occasionally look to the left or right at ear level or may look down to your right.


Language of Auditory Oriented

Auditory people speak in auditory terms. They want things to sound right, it has to ring a bell and they hear what you are saying.


Listed below are words that are used by Auditory People






Give an ear to

Idle talk



Tell yourself

Unheard of




And much more…


When communicating with an auditory person, you want to make sure that what you present rings true for them and that all the information you presented is clear as a bell.


Kinesthetic Oriented People

Kinesthetic People typically access their feelings and emotions to recall an experience. They usually speak slowly because they have to process incoming and outgoing information through their feelings before responding.


Fast Facts about Kinesthetic People

  • Breathe in the lower abdomen
  • Hand gestures are lower- around waist area
  • Tend to stand close to you when they’re speaking
  • Usually touch you while they speak
  • Memorize better by doing or walking through a procedure
  • Eye movements are down and to the right



Language of the Kinesthetics-Oriented

Kinesthetics speak in feeling or action terms. They want to keep in touch, something may have slipped their mind, if it doesn’t sound right, they have to start from scratch.


Listed below are words used by Kinesthetic People



Cutting edge



Follow through

Grapple with

Hands on


Work with it


Slip up



And much more…


To influence the kinesthetic person, speak with passion about your product, opportunity, service or idea. Telling your kinesthetic prospect moving, emotionally –based stories will have a positive effect because they will respond to their feelings. When you present your idea, opportunity, product or service to a kinesthetic person, walk them through the procedure so they can get a feel for it. Once they get a handle on it and they feel good, they’ll join you or buy.

Now that you have the tools to establish rapport on a deeper level, communicating with your prospects, spouses, friends and family will never be the same.

You will begin to notice more readily whether an individual is using visual, auditory or kinesthetic words, enabling you to speak their language and make you and your offer more appealing to them.

If you got value from this post, please share with your friends and leave a comment. Thank you.


To Your Success,

power of influence
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A Network Marketer/ Educator who is committed to empowering people with Network Marketing strategies and encouraging self-improvement. " I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me"


  1. Brenda

    I love learning about the different modalities that people use to learn, and knowing these also helps you to sell
    Great article Daria

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      Yes Brenda learning never stops.

  2. Dean R Black

    Wow this is some great information to help connect with your prospects. I just heard Todd Falcone talking about this on one of his training classes.
    Thanks Daria

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      Thanks glad to the arsenal of good content.

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    Great post, thanks for the information.

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    Excellent info. Great series, Keep them coming! Thanks…

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    Wow! Thanks for this great content on the power of influence. Keep up the excellent work Daria!!!!

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    I really appreciated this post Daria. Look forward to the next one on this topic. (time to catch up soon 🙂 ).

  7. Robert@voip service

    Great post Daria, your writing style is different from other bloggers. Me too is eagerly waiting for your next.

    • Daria

      Thank You!

  8. Kim Mullette

    Daria this is a great series that you have done, very informative, will be passing these tips on to my team. Thanks for sharing!


    Awesome! I am some visual and kinesthetic,I have learnt great info here for marketing.


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