Clearing your Cache is as Easy as Pie

Clearing your Cache is as Easy as Pie

What is your Cache?

Cache is a fancy word for temporary files or file history. Once you have logged on to the internet, your computer keeps a record of sites you have visited. They are stored in a place called temporary files. Once it is fulled the computer doesn’t function at it’s peak

You will notice that is begin runs slower, freezes quite often and you are not able to navigate sites you are familiar with as freely.

Often time when you clear your cache, you are back in business.

The video below will show you exactly how to clear your with no hassle.


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  1. Tristram Lodge

    Hi Daria,

    Great post, I have been having some problems with my PC slowing down recently and this has help to speed things a bit more. I did find it on Firefox under options but I don’t think that one works to good.

    Tristram Lodge

    • Daria

      Hey Tristram I glad I can help.


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