Direct Sales vs MLM !

Direct Sales vs MLM !

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Direct Sales vs MLM !

Wow, have you taken any notice that in this great country of ours where the ability to choose is paramount to everything else, yet we seem to be left only with two choices going forward on a lot of important things. For example, first class or coach, democrat or republican, public or private schools, direct sales vs mlm and I can go on until the cows come home.

For the record I want to put out there the differences between Direct Sales and MLM and some similarities as well, just in case you might be struggling with a decision on which one is best for you. After all you do have a choice in the matter and I hope to help make deciding so much easier after you read this blog.


Direct Sales is when a representative from a company comes to your home or place of business and presents his or her product or service to you the potential buyer. If the sales rep is successful in helping you make the decision the buy, that sales rep will be compensated a percentage of the sale and off they go to another potential buyer. You experience this exchange in  life insurance, financial  services, cookware, appliances, real estate just to name a few. So as an agent or rep you have to be always closing deal in order to do well and compensation is very good.

Most companies that have direct sales agents/reps do advertising for the company branding company and the rep/agent represent the company’s service or product. In addition to commissions on each sales, there maybe bonuses, residual income for products or service that stays on the books over a period of time like a year or more. Contest, awards from company or industry, trips and lots of  training to get the agent/rep motivated towards success.

In the MLM, which means multi-level marketing has one thing in common with Direct Sales and that is commissions compensation,bonuses, trips and awards. However, the compensation is paid out through a system of people leveraging their selling efforts as well as the sells of  others you sponsor into business. Be for warned you are building a dedicated team of individual vested pretty much in achieving the same goals as you for the most part. You are not sitting on the top of the heap and collecting a fat check every week.

MLM companies follow a very simple model that believes in bold profit sharing with the very people that go out in the market place and share the product or service to others. Rather than spending billions of dollars in public advertising. The key in building a team is not getting another to do what you do, but showing another the power of duplication.

In the Direct Sales vs MLM mediums, any individual that is  MLM rep you are a direct team player within that group, but in the Direct Sales venture you are for the most part a lone wolf represent the company. If that is what you are that is great and you can success in earning lots of monee.

As a rep in a MLM company there is an important asset you have over a direct sales rep and the asset is the ability to brand yourself. While the muscle and brand power of a major corporation provides instant creditably to a client. What happens when that company goes belly up in chapter 11 IE WAMU, Greenpoint Mortgage, Lehman Brothers and others to many to list here.

This is an experience I know all to well, during the year of 1996 I had no clue the Black Monday of 1987 would come and it did and I was laid-off or downsized as the term was used back them. Then came the mortgage crisis and I was laid off again as a direct sales mortgage consultant. The industry was so leveled down I am a little shock that people are earning a living with it today. I pressed on and became an educator in a public school.

The compensation for both MLM and Direct Sales can be endless, but ability the to leverage the selling skills of others, branding yourself as an authority is very seductive. You can join other companies (highly recommend you gain lots of experience first) , plus gain income from affiliates sales, create and market your own product or service supporting the needs of other struggling MLM reps. Yes, I said it, other struggling MLM reps, with new companies launching everyday and people getting in because of low start up fees, there no doubts there would be the market to support.  That is with every industry on the planet, there will always be people who quit to early and claims they failed and the X company was no good, a scam or worst.

There is No need to commute to a desk and PC, from your own home you can control your own destiny after putting in your time for your business.  This is a tremendous opportunity and like anything worth like it demands your best effort and hard work, good work habits and MINDSET. Benefits are more time with your children, spouse and friends. Travel more and see the world, go the industry events and team up with other people striving for the same things you are shooting for. Yeah, you will love the freedom once you have mastered the rope of  this industry.

Finally, with the company, a great product, a supportive team and all you got to make your business successful, you will be the talk of the town simply because others just though you would not success, but you did because you made a choice and did not quit.

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