How Can Coaching Help You?

How Can Coaching Help You?

How coaching can help you!

Coaching is a professional and confidential relationship that gets the client to move forward in his or her life, profession, family and soul with powerful clarity, focus, momentum and completion. The client will uncover their own ability to find, create and make use of their natural talent/tools to resolve their challenge. The journey will reveal that all the answers are in client and a coach’s job is to enable every client to find his/her own truth (the right answers) to solve their problems.  Only the client really knows what is best for him/her and a coach does NOT tell a client what to do. Coaching is a process and through that process the coach will unwrap the following with client: 1. Awareness, 2. Clarity, 3. Motivation and 4. Confidence.

Coaching is not therapy or consulting

Coaching focuses on the present, and the here and the future of the client’s life or business, not the past.  A coach is not a therapist, a psychologist, or a counselor delving into the past, diagnosing and/or applying learned techniques for particular mental or behavioral need.  A coach focuses on the “whom” of a person, not the “what”; the client discovers what he or she needs to do versus the coach giving expert advice like a consultant might.

Your coach is about you and you only

Your coach is about you and you only, so with that as the bedrock of what a coach can do for you make for meaningful professional relationship between the client and coach. Our goal is to put you in the driver’s seat and keep your there throughout your sessions.

Each introduction will include a welcome letter and outline to inform you on what is next, getting to know you. Asking questions to better understand your needs and what is important to you.  Each session has an agreed upon time about 60 minutes once a week.  Confidentiality and a strong code of ethics makes process even better, you don’t have the concerns of having your personal business revealed to anyone else.

While each coach has his/hers style, coach and client will always have a special place to recap with complete confidence that everything is on the highest level of service. No challenge is too big or too small. If by chance during our work together there is a need to end session. That is always the client or coach privilege providing timely and respectful advance communication.

Coaching experience is important

Coaching experience is important to the extent that you the client are comfortable.  With a good search or great vetted referral can do the trick of working with a great coach? No problem here, and it is necessary and very important that people seek out a coach to support when they suck or want to get an edge on life.

Coaching, unlike therapy or psychiatry, does not engage the client for years and or with medication. Believe me, those specialties’ have their place in the work with of client.  In our work, the coach and client generally run about 3 months in length and can happen in less time. Results are almost immediate because the approach is very different. We strive for the win/win scenario and that makes a world of a difference to a client.

People all over the world are seeking

People all over the world are seeking effective ways to bridge the gap between being whole as a person, instead of masking our emotions, thoughts and desires for fear of being ridiculed by someone who just does not understand the circumstances.  So come as you are and bring your truth to the table and lets both explore, learn and render self a better YOU.

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