How Dangerous is Cleaning Your Home?

Did you know that cleaning your home just once per week with everyday store-bought cleaning products is as damaging ☠️to your lungs, and your children’s lungs, as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day?⁉️

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A 20-year independent study was conducted with 6,235 individuals by 28 international researchers and scientists from 9 countries.

It was then peer-reviewed here in the United States, published in the American Journal Of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine.
It was featured on Fox News, Newsweek, Science Daily and in Fortune. Then it was quickly swept under the rug.
After watching the rest of this short video, you can do your own research by clicking the link below. It’s scary…
Very scary
The good news is there’s a solution…👇👇👇
We represent a 32-year-old USA based manufacturer that does over 2 billion in annual sales, that’s been completely debt-free for over 26 years and employs more than 4,000 people.
We manufacture hundreds of necessity based household products that are green, non-toxic, completely safe for your family, they outperform the poison you’re currently using and costs less than most products your purchasing at Walmart and many other BIG BOX stores 🏬🏪‼️
These products are exclusive to us. We hold 100’s of patents to secure that. Our products are not sold in stores, you’re actually buying directly from the manufacturer at wholesale.
We’ve created a better way to shop, save you time and money your everyday necessity products…
PLUS save with our online shopping club at many of your other favorite stores like Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, Priceline, Orbitz, Groupon, VIP Vacations and More…
We’re growing at a rate of $350 Million + a year on an exponential growth curve. Why?
✔️Our products work better than the caustic watered-down national brand products you buy at the big box stores.
✔️ No Childproof caps are required on our cleaning products.
✔️Our products are priced super competitively and oftentimes lower than the national brands ($0.14 a load on our Mela Power vs. Tide $0.42-$0.57 a load highly toxic laundry detergent).
✔️ 97.14% of our customers come back and reorder month after month, year after year‼️
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