How the 5/5/5 Step Formula Help Change My Business.

What the heck is a 5/5/5 step Formula and where could you use it that makes sense. Great questions and the answer is…… FACE BOOK. Right now the most popular social media outside of watching TV. lol This puppy changed my business on Facebook immensely and it does not take a whole lot of time to do or get great results. All you need to do is 5/5/5/ and with 15 minutes you are off to the races.


Let me break the 5/5/5 business jetpack to your basic understanding shall we. Once you have signed in the fb your purpose is to focus 15 minutes of your time into 5 minute each intervals of the WARM UP, CONNECTIONS, and RESPOND. The Warm Up involves YOU just messaging your friends for 5 minutes and STOP. Very important you cannot respond to their communications at all during this part. This exercise preps you get comfortable in messaging process. NEXT step is connections, here you are connecting with people you know or don’t know, again this just for 5 minutes ONLY. Finally, your last 5 minutes you are responding to all the people that responded to you reach out during the first 5 minutes. If by chance no one responded back, you can look at people who liked your fan page.

Why does this method work, is simple. Keep in mind nobody gets on FB to buy anything from you or the AVON lady. They are there to experience 3 things to share, be social and be entertained and there is no buying in those activity and Mr Zuckerberg is not going to change the paradime its makes too much money the way it is.

So if this post has light some excitement in your heart and YOU want to learn more about extensive prospecting,

just CLICK HERE. Bell well and I will see you on the inside.


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