new york power couple

Daria J Legagneur

Willy Legagneur

Our Story
Age catches up to you. No one can argue that. The question is when. We’re Daria and Willy Legagneur, and we kept age at bay – keen for new experiences, dancing wherever and whenever our schedules allowed, and cheering on our sports teams. In our hearts, our twenties never ended

As fun as that was, it was always restricted. There was still the daily grind to earn our dollars. Despite 37 years of work experience between us, we weren’t earning enough to break out of the rat race. We’d dream about holiday trips to the Caribbean as we walked into the same drab work building every day, fighting against the cost of living in a big city.


It was obvious to us from the get-go that the ‘9 to 5, barely alive’ routine wasn’t for us. Whenever we saw people who’d reached retirement age still working for the same old salary, it made our stomachs churn. Would that be us in ten, twenty, thirty years?

After having coped with our fair share of failures, we got in touch with a home business owner who taught us not only how to keep ourselves healthy in body and mind, but to build a residual income that could help us live the lifestyle we always wanted. We were taking a chance, but his enthusiasm infused us with the energy we needed. He made us from achievers into overachievers. From struggling to pay the bills, we became the New York Power Couple!

Sound minds in sound bodies? Sounds like us.

Seven-figure incomes? That’s right.

Holidays in the Caribbean? You bet.






All this happened because we found a mentor who taught us how to break into the home business market. He did more than just show us the ropes: he clued us in about the fine points to help us achieve not just financial security, but financial freedom.

We want to impart that same knowledge to as many people as we can. We want to show you how you can build a stress-free, healthy and independent lifestyle. Connect with us and let us help you build your happy ending!





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