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Daria J Legagneur


My Story

I was never a skinny kid. I was always eating, cake, ice cream, cookies, whatever I could get my hands on.  Eating was one of my favorite past times.  I never paid attention to body types until I got to high school.  That’s when I began to pay attention to how my clothing fit.  The comparitis kicked in because I wasn’t getting the attention from boys that I thought I should and it all attributed to my weight.  (In my mind)  Most of my friends were smaller than I was, therefore I wanted to something about it.  First, I beat myself up. 

Then I went to work and began exercising relentlessly.  I enjoyed it so it was no problem for me.  In my last year of high school, I dropped 4 pants sizes.  I no longer ate, cookies, cake, ice cream in abundance.  Plus went to the gym 3 times a week.  But when I turned 50, something happened.  I gained 20 1bs. 

OMG!!!I knew something different had to be done because when I looked in the mirror it didn’t like the person looking back at me


Healthy Life Style

Actually, I thought they shrunk.  Lol!

The love handles and back fat was not attractive. “Now what”, I said to myself. I started reading literature and sought out a program that can help me probably nourish my body and lose weight.

“Today I can say I am an inspiration to others.” 

I have more energy than I ever had and the best part is I don’t look my age.  So far, I have lost 10lbs and on my way to losing 10 more.  I now know how to properly nourish the body so that it is operating at peak performance especially when I’m exhausted.

I know how to naturally heal my body. Plus I am in control of what I use in my environment to naturally clean and disinfect my home. If you want to get back your energy 


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So if you are suffering from weight gain like I was, low energy want to get your health back Click The Link Below 



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