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For as far as my memory will serve me, I have always wanted to understand what motivates people to take action. I started working a fulltime job at age 14 during the summer of 1975 in a supermarket. Fast-forward to the year 1988 Wall Street experienced the “Black Monday Market Crash” and I get laid-off from a brokerage company after 9 years of service. I took my 401k money, brought a Toyota Celica GT 1985”, traveled to Haiti for the first time and experience some wonderful things. I managed 3 different natural hair care salons in Brooklyn until it became time to go back to work in a corporate setting. I started in the insurance industry, mortgage, and cable and sold windows too. I have never owned my own business but experienced the work of others over many years.



I met my third and current wife for life Daria in 2001 at our church while during an annual production. After several years together I came home with the bright idea of doing business online through a shopping club. Well the person that reached out to me was a successful business owner in the natural hair-care field I knew personally, so where could we go wrong following her, right!

After countless nights, evenings of watching Daria struggle doing what she was doing, she thought it not robbery to invite me to a weekend workshop she was attending in Florida on a Disney property. I wanted to support her on the condition I would give her one-day and enjoy the grounds for the remainder of our stay. As promised I got up at 7 am unhappy, but obedient and we registered and I took my seat. Presenter after presenter shared stories of failure I could identify with clearly but closed with their triumph being part of this online industry. What caught my attention was NO matter what the story, circumstance or tragedy

After countless nights, evenings of watching Daria struggle doing what she was doing, she thought it not robbery to invite me to a weekend workshop she was attending in MINDSET shift was the common numerator and denominator in each case. These complete strangers sharing their stories on a stage in front hundreds of people in most cases they do not even know got me fired up. If they could fashion success out of their failures so can I. They used their mindset and so can I.



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willy.legagneur@mail.comwilly.legagneur@mail.comBy noon that day at looked at my wife/partner and told I was in and its 8 years plus my life has changed, our lives have experienced wonderful things we did not think possible when we started our journey together. Focusing on our mindset made a tremendous difference and uncovering my passion for dynamic and optimum health and whatever we do together or apart. Now the sky is the limit and opportunity knocks every day, because we have learned to provide value. We earned peoples’ trust and respect by sharing the goodness of being you no matter what. Sharing over 100 videos on Health and Wellness and some simple step by step easy to use guides on weight loss, house cleaning and detox or the soul. The basic premise for your mindset and your health.

If you struggling with your will to follow your dreams or lose a few pounds. Post the word (Free-From ?!?) below. Reach out to me I am here to help for a free consultation.

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