It would appear that every living creature on this planet has a job or function and that is how GOD,Nature or Evolution intended it to be as far we know.  We as human beings the higher order thinkers that we are felt we needed to be compensated for our work/labor.  This begs the question MLM vs JOB!

Little U.S. History

Some time ago in the USA and the rest of the world for that matter, anyone could just set- up camp on a piece of land, build a house and grow your own food; whatever you did not have or could not grow or make you traded with someone that possessed something you could trade or barter for. Mankind’s connection with labor is very shaky at best, between free labor, enslavement, indenture servitude, child labor, low wage labor and the list can multiply quick here, with some of these still happening in 2014.

A young United States filled with promise of trade and commerce recovering from a nightmare of civil war embraced the Industrial Revolution. With that came a massive labor force, thousands of men, women and children working in what was termed sweat shops for long hours and very little pay. Furthermore, in those days no raises, no time off i.e. vacation/sick days or emergency days  and you could be replaced in a heartbeat. All of this lead to the birth of labor unions, designed to protect the work force from the business owners and the wealthy.

Fast forward to 2014 the majority people are still working for less pay than what the job duties call for and the sad part is that the cost of living continues to rise across the country.  People who have worked for 40 years cannot meet their monthly expenses. Yes, some miss managed their money, were poor planners and made bad investments, but others went by the book believing in 40 year plan and now have to work part-time to supplement their retirement income.  We have seen the market crash of 1987 (Black Monday), The DOT COM bust and the most recent Bank and Automobile bail outs and lets not forget the ENRON scandals. With each event employees woke up to daylight living horrors of layoffs,pensions loss and no support from the biggest employer of all the Federal government. By the way with all of our resources our government is still sitting in the middle of a wage war between corporate giants and common people.

In exchange for a paycheck, benefits (a.k.a. hidden paycheck), and a retirement plan you work for CEO you can never break bread with and will never be invited anywhere to discuss and teach how you could increase your pay under the compensation plan. This has been the plan for more than 200 plus years and please understand I do not begrudge anyone that is working for a living, I just do not like the trade off anymore, for I have seen the light.

Beginnings of MLM

According to Firstclass, MLM goes back to the late 1800’s as sales position. By 1860 they acquire other names such as: Traveling Salesman, Canvassers, Peddlers and Hawkers. In 1945 Earl Tupper found Tupperware, in 1949 Nurtrilite, 1956 Dr.Forrest Shaklee launch Shaklee products, in 1963 Mary Kay Ash and you know the rest.

In 1975 FTC (Federal Trade Commission) file a suit against Amway Corp and in 1979 Administrative Judge rules that Amway was a legitimate business and not a pyramid for using multi-level marketing model. Now for those days to present time billions were made for these respected institutions and the thousands of representatives that sold the products the MLM way. On the other hand, many  others failed and quit the business siting all kinds of issues.  Make no mistakes MLM is not for everybody, but everybody wants what a  MLM position offers.

The MLM industry earns about 140 billion dollars in revenue annually and today their are webinar training, social media to attract leads, video marketing, blogging and email list to work with after the warm market dries up. The great testimonies of so many individuals that started their MLM business with no money, no leads, homeless or under house arrest in one case and now earning deep 6 or 7 figure income. Ask yourself what job has ever done that for anybody.

There are two sides to every coin and every situation, honestly there are enough horror stories to go around for MLM and the employment experience and my intention is not to keep score. Having said that, it must be taken into account that there are some major differences, when clearly understood can make a tremendous difference in your life today, tomorrow and the future. At the end of the day the optimum quality of life you believe that you deserve, is at your finger tips.

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