Why MLM’s don’t do well in Their Business Opportunities- Inspired by Tracey Walker

Why MLM’s don’t do well in Their Business Opportunities- Inspired by Tracey Walker

Why MLM’s don’t do well in Their Marketing Business

The reason why people in multi-level marketing don’t do well is because they don’t understand the relationship between sales and marketing. In most cases distributors try to do the sale before the marketing. When done in the reverse, the company/ individual are setting themselves for failure.

Marketing is to key to any business

Actually having the proper mindset is going to sustain you during your on and off days.  Once you have the proper mindset to work your business, you are in the position to do a thorough marketing research by finding out several things about your prospects.

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In marketing the 5w’s+ How  do apply.

You need to know:

1. who  & why – who are your prospects? why did they decide to venture into  a business?

2. what – do they want?

3. when – can they get it?

4. where- can they get the solution?

5. How- can they get it?

Apply this format on the phone, in your video’s and in your articles.

Use this format to craft out 5w’s for yourself and your business product.

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  1. Alecia

    Yes, these basics are the best. Thanks for keeping it so simple.

    • Daria

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Wendy Elwell

    Great information Daria. I always love to listen to Tracey Walker.

    • Daria

      I like her to. She is direct.

  3. Suha

    Daria, i love the 5 w’s, its new to me and i know this is gonna help me get it going. Thank you, super useful.

    • Daria

      Your welcome. Glad I can help.


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