The New Money Freak!

The New Money Freak!

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the word MONEY means: something( such as coins or bills) used as a way to pay for goods and services and to pay people for their work. Also the word freak means: (1)a sudden and odd or seemingly pointless idea or turn of the mind (2) a seemingly capricious action or event (3) one that is markedly unusual or abnormal.

Putting these two words together for the purpose of a blog, just might be a little OFF for you, but stay with me here, because I am going to let-off some important information you need to understand in a new way.

The definition of money outlined above almost does not fit the use of money in our world today.  While some people have the money and so may others do not and all of that STORY about money IE “money is the root of all evil”, “those with money are selfish”, “money corrupts” and “money is not everything”.  With just these few claims and beliefs around money clearly this could explain why it only graces the hands of a few.

Money is an instrument

Money is an instrument that has universal appeal around the world especially U.S. currency, regardless of its strength on the market it can be found anywhere and everywhere on this planet in abundant supply. Having shared this point, that leads to my sub-point and that is despite its very poor reputation, money can solve/fix any and all solvable or fixable problems/challenges faced by anyone willing to deal with the issue at hand.

First, lets define the word fixable: to make (something) whole or able to work properly again : to repair (something). This is Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition and it is pretty clear cut. Now, most people would not have much of a disagreement this point of view as it relates to things IE: a car, appliances, a home etc, but it gets real cloudy when it comes to the challenge of fixing the human or emotional things we put ourselves through.

Starting from weight loss to divorce and everything you can fit between these two major issues are what I consider fixable problems, that with enough capital they are issues among people that can be fixed over a period of time.  The major personal or societal issues of the day like gangs, failing public policy, poor communities and the like,the belief that money can fix these issues is not a popular belief. For the online/network marketers struggling in your  home-based business or direct sales, making more money can resolve your problems. (You know this already, the question is how?)

Now, I know someone is thinking
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Now, I know someone is thinking; yeah, throwing money at the problem has never worked and that is very true. When the solution becomes throwing money at a problem, the problem was not meant to be fixed. Spending money on anything without an organized plan and organized people will never produce results you can measure and sink your teeth in. So programs like welfare,social security, (inner city) public education and so many others have been failing because there is no organized effort to meet the needs of those situations , so they often fail.

Back to the marketers

Back to the marketers and I almost forgot about the FREAK word and it’s connection to this post. As per the definition, YOU are a FREAK for even becoming a part of this organized movement to become an entrepreneur. Trying to take your freedom back to be with your family and not have to punch in for JOB. Yeah you never saw it that way huh, but you are just that, do not make it personal.

In your business online or offline you need a plan of action: write affirmations to read twice daily, tracking, goal setting,have a vision that pulls you daily, investment in personal/industry training, without it YOU will not get very far. A must do that many marketers fail to do, is take a portion of the profits and re-invest it into your business .

The 40 year plan to retire with a gold watch and a pension that only give you half pay is absolute, we are living longer, medical bill and food prices are rising. The value of yesterday’s money cannot purchase today’s most basic needs for living. The U.S. currency has gone from  being backed by gold to being back CREDIT instruments. See the cost of living caparison between two major state regions in this chart,  it is not complete,but  it does provide enough data to hunt your thinking a moment. (the chart is clickable and will take you to the full details)











The reality that with a college education most employers are not seeking to employ the thousands for students graduating from the countries colleges and universities like the they did just 20 years ago. So getting you FREAK on as it relates to earning a FREE living to enjoy life, family, friends and vacations must be your TOP priority now more than ever. There was a time when owning a home and being self sufficient was quite normal and for modernization and convenience we have traded our freedoms away to huge corporations providing for our ever whim.

The start up cost for a franchise or a small brick and mortar  business is beyond the reach of most and big business would love to keep it there. This is not a knock on big business, the culture is what it is, but if you want more and want to move away from under that cloud of dependency. I recommend you ask yourself WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT? 

The best part is to focus on that passion

The best part is to focus on that passion long enough that you remove ALL FEAR and DOUBT that enters your thoughts.  PLEASE whenever, you decide to let the cat out of the bag about your new venture, speak only with ONLY with an individual that is at a place you are working on getting to and not a person who you respect but would never want to walk a block in the moccasins!

Hope you got value from this post, please comment and share of your social media circuits ask a question and I will answer it.

Your Partner in Time,















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