Book Review: Outwitting The Devil By Napoleon Hill

Book Review: Outwitting The Devil  By Napoleon Hill

My connection to this particular book by the late Napoleon Hill came by way of a childhood friend who made the recommendation. I ordered it through Amazon received it a week later and just shelved it into my collection of other books some read and some unread. Then  just as I returned from a outstanding industry event in Austin Texas , for no reason I can fathom now, I locked eyes on this book and with great curiosity to read it from page to page.

Before I got past the first chapter I was flooded by how well written this book, account or manuscript was put together so that someone or anybody could read it.  The book gives account of a man interviewing the DEVIL himself and gets him the DEVIL to confess in detail all of the secrets he uses to distort, confuse, persuade, manipulate, divide and whatever words you would like to add to the text, mankind.

The first thing I noticed was  the book covered every aspect of  American politics, religion, education, government, parenting and marriage. You want to notice that these areas in particular when off balance will affect ones ability to think clearly. I think of the biblical passage about the 3 men receiving the talents and of course the focus is on the one that became fearful and just buried the talent in the ground. What was his background, up bringing that could be responsible for his behavior. Did the Devil plan a seed of fear into him. we will never know.

Well in this book the interviewer  asked the Devil “which of these fears serves you most often?” The reply may sock you ” The first and the last – poverty and death! At one time or another during life I tighten my grip on all people through one or both of these,  I plant these fears in the minds of people so deftly that they believe them to be their own creation.  I accomplish this end by making people believe I am standing just beyond the entrance gate of the next life, waiting to claim them after death for eternal punishment.  Of course I cannot punish anyone, except in that person’s own mind, through some form of fear-but fear of the thing which does not exist is just as useful to me as fear of that which does exist.  All forms of fear extend the space I occupy in the human mind.” … book excerpt…

Since then my outlook on my business has changed tremendously and the results have been astonishing. My vision, goals and activity has been laser targeted due to the lack of fear and concerns I not longer associate with my life, my thinking and my business.  Keeping in motion, forward motion that is, always has me thinking about creation of that which does not exist and oppose to being trapped into believing all my efforts are done if I do not have the IT at that very moment.

In the book Mr. Hill uses a term, a word called “drifting” and  key about this particular word is it that it’s common, we all know what it means and will swear we are not guilty of such behavior.  STOP wait a minute! In the book drifting occurs whenever you loose sight, talk yourself out of your dreams, listening to peoples advise whom have no expertise on said subject, but you listened and took action away. Example, your single friends giving you advise on your relationship challenges. These is a reason beyond what they are telling you, that keeps them still single.

It is pointless to try any give away the essence of the book and I am not making this recommendation for profit, in fact I believe that book is a life saver, game changer and resurrection material for anyone trying to figure out what is stopping them from going all out for what they believe is their mountain top!

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