MLM & Personal Development!

MLM & Personal Development!

Personal development may go back in some way, shape or form since the beginnings of mankind, with all of the discovered ancient civilizations that we know about the conclusion is clear in my mind.  In our modern time it dates to the work of Wallace D. Watts, an American author of “The Science of Getting Rich”(1910). Since then personal/professional development is a multi-billion dollar industry servicing business people, educators, actors, clergy, political officials, sports stars and just about every realm involving people desiring to become better.

So what heck can personal development do for an online marketer, home-base business owner or someone new or old in the MLM industry. I know what you must be thinking, especially when most, if not all training received for the industry is create a list of people you know, like and trust. Call them, share your product or service they will buy from you! With the new excitement you have, you want to hit the bonus, make money real fast or a least look like you got this thing under control.

Well there isn’t a real problem with that method until you can not recognize its truth purpose. For starters that approach is perso

nal development 101. The purpose of going after your family and friends is to help you gain the confidence necessary to become comfortable with process of speaking to people about your product or service.  After all your family or friends at the very least will grant you an audience, in most cases hear your presentation. They can also be your biggest and harshest critic. The good news here is that most new comers in the business usually survive the process intact and become confident enough to speak with strangers. Many have had great success and others have not and you know the stories.

There is a new trend in the industry in the way of personal development. While many MLM and Direct Sales companies have always provided trainings, webinars, and recordings for their representatives to learn how to get to the top. Now more than ever, the need for personal development has become to best way to earn big bucks, be an authority within your market and stay ahead of the competitive pack. WHY, you ask? The more you know, the more value you can provide to the market place and your team. There are new companies launching daily in the MLM industry, that means a lot of people coming in  looking for direction to help them gain the edge to  success in their business and with your new knowledge, you can be the leader or mentor they are looking for.

What are the sources of personal development?

The first place to seek it is within your companies back office, their events and webinars. Invest in your higher learning by going to industry events and DO NOT allow pricing to be a deterrent. Finding a major player in the industry that you like, trust and respect can be a great source for personal development, follow them on social media, join their newsletters. Stop relying on your up-line to be the source of new information, after all this is your business.  Reading books, listening to  a podcast, sound-cloud, or a rebroadcast of a webinar or wake up call you missed are all sources of personal development avenues available right through your smartphone or PC. Make your car a mobile university, stuck in traffic learn something new instead of listening to sport box scores and ladies not sure what you all do behind wheel, but get with the program. Without the new knowledge it will be very difficult to earn new money. Want to earn a million dollar money, you will need to share or teach million dollar ideas to people looking to grow their bottom line.

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