The Phone Does Not Bite- My New Found Perspective on Prospecting

The Phone Does Not Bite- My New Found Perspective on Prospecting

Are You Afraid Of Prospecting?


If you are in the Network Marketing Business Industry, the best way to earning 6 – 7 figures is by picking up the phone, period!

There are many reasons why many Network Marketers are afraid to call their leads.

1. It’s already been programmed in their minds they are going to be rejected.  ALWAYS call your prospect with a positive outcome in mind, it’s part of your posture and belief in your opportunity.

2. Many Network Marketers attach emotions to their prospects and take it personal if someone doesn’t sign up.

First of all, that kind of mindset is recipe to keep you broke. Change your mindset and don’t attach any feelings to your prospect because you will be headed for many let downs.

I once had a prospect who promised me  that she was going to join me in my primary opportunity.  She reassured me that she would not sign up with anyone else. She also shared with me that she had prospects ready to sign up. I was pumped up and super excited. I gave have her brochures and flyers. I even put in a mass order of products.

Needless to say she never signed up. I was devastated. I vowed that I would never allow myself to emotionally wrapped up in a prospect whether I know them or not.

At that time I was acting up out of desperation.  I believed anything and everything she told me regarding the business.

Had I been grounded in my own personal development, I would have qualified her and closed her instead of allowing her to stay on the fence.


My mentors shared with me what should be on my mind while prospecting and taking money making actions to build my business.

Now I’m going to share with YOU.

1. Know your why.

2. Know yourself worth.

3. Believe in yourself and in what you are doing. Your belief determines if you’ll get a signup from your lead.

4. Think like a leader. Leader don’t make excuses, they find solutions.

5. There is no room for doubt. It’s about taking massive action and consistency.

6. Put the prospect ahead of your personal agenda. Find out what your prospects need provide a solution (value). You will be regarded as a leader your prospect will most likely to join you in your business opportunity or by a product.

7.  Your posture and belief system plays out in your articles and videos.


Here’s an icebreaker you can adopt once you have introduced yourself.

“ Hi Joe, this is Daria from Linkedin. I just wanted to introduce myself and to let you know that I am a real person. Your name came across my website in regards to lead generation.  Do you recall? Tell me how long you had been in the industry? What are your success and challenges?

At this point shut up and listen.

This why most Network Marketers fail because they tend to speak more than they listen, only not to find out the needs of  the prospect and they never ask for the sale. This is what I call ignorance on fire!

Asking for the  sign up: “How soon are you ready to get started?”  Or, “Its sounds like you are ready to get started.” “How soon are you going to get started?


In closing, continue to invest in yourself by way of personal development. Remember to put the prospects ahead of your personal agenda. You will attract the people you would want to work with and create a following because you have branded yourself as a leader.

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A Network Marketer/ Educator who is committed to empowering people with Network Marketing strategies and encouraging self-improvement. " I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me"


  1. Alecia

    Yes, thanks for your motivation to just do it!

  2. Danny

    Most people won’t pick up the phone. You shouldn’t really care what the outcome will be when talking with your prospects! Fantastic post Daria!

  3. Kim Mullette

    It’s important to take the emotion out of calling your leads and not care about the outcome of the call. Using that mindset will make a big difference. Thanks Daria!

  4. Michael  Berry

    Appreciate you sharing your The Phone Does Not Bite- My New Found Perspective on Prospecting post Daria. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Daria. Take care, Michael

  5. Nathan Gonzalez

    Great post on prospecting, just get on the phone!


    Wow, I like the ‘shut up’ moment and the brief intro, nice job Daria

  7. Pat McKeon

    Hey Daria,

    great post!!
    yea, its really as simple as sitting down
    drinking a nice beverage
    pick up the phone and say hey its me
    how are you…?

    what is there to be afraid of….all they can do is say NO..
    great keep going…get 30 NO’s per day…..see what happens!!

    what happens next may very well surprise YOU!!


  8. Hamish

    Great post. You’re dead right – you need to talk to people and that means not being afraid to use the phone.

    One good way to overcome your fear of rejection is to have them call you rather than you chasing them. You can do that with an informational autoresponder series – or just some banner ads to your blog/site which shows your contact details. It turns the whole thing on its head – they are contacting you rather than you chasing them – plus you know that they have some level of interest.

    • Daria

      Absolutely Hamish Attraction Marketing. Love it.

  9. Charles Holmes


    Great post here.

    The phone is easily the most powerful business tool out there. Most of the top earners use the phone religiously.

    Even online marketers understand that they need to use the phone to build their business.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.



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