How to Pin a Post on Facebook

How to Pin a Post on Facebook

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Why You Should Be Pinning Post on Facebook


I post in various groups daily and noticed that various post were positioned on the top.


Each time I visited that page or group, there was that post glaring at me. I also noticed that I begin focus more attention on it.

That’s when I got it. I should be doing this too!  In doing so, my likes to my page increased.


What is Pinning?


Pinning” a certain post means that the post will stay at the top of a Facebook Page for one week. Many organizations choose to pin customer compliments and experiences, others will make sure photos, banners  or announcements stay at the top. It’s totally up to you.

Pinning Video

In the video below I show how to pin a post to a fanpage. It’s also the same procedure for a group.


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