What is Posture and How are You Using It in Your Business?

What is Posture and How are You Using It in Your Business?

What is Posture and How are You Using It in Your Business?
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This word posture has been thrown around lately in the business lexicon, especially relating to sales training and development. It can be use in any area or field of study whereby a person is seeking to position themselves as an authority. The word posture is a noun and its definition means: the attitude a person or group has toward a subject.  That sounds pretty simple and direct, but as it relates to doing business with others; it is more than just an attitude.

According to a Leader in the industry and a good friend of mines Mr. Ray Higdon, he defines posture as the ability to stand upright about your product or service whether your prospect is positive or negative during your presentation. Here what is meant by this, lets just say you are speaking with your prospect about your opportunity. You’ve invited them to take a look and then they say ” is this a scam or pyramid”.  You react with “oh no it’s not”, or you want them to speak with your up-line, or you encourage them to watch the video.

According to Ray “that is moving forward weakly” the prospect has shifted the presentation and assumed command and those responses you have made feed the prospects objection. Ray suggest you take the prospect back to their prior state of mind by asking a question. “I am just curious why did you say yes when I ask you about your interest in a side project that would not interfere with what you are currently doing”. This type of question is correct way to posture yourself and move  forward with authority. This allows the prospect to share their inner most pains relating to why they want what you have to offer. You remain in the drivers seat of the presentation, your prospect fulfills their needs without the feeling of being sold and you simply close the deal.


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