The Power of Frustation

The Power of Frustation

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Frustration Has Power

Believe it or not frustration has made a difference in my business.

” Your mess is your message”



Once you are willing to take a long hard look at your current situation, you will recognize your mess and begin to go through the process to find a solution.

Most people think that frustration is a bad thing, actual it isn’t.

The dictionary meaning of frustrate is to: make plans or efforts worthless of no avail; defeat or nullify.


I don’t know about you, but there where countless times  during my business career were I planned several tasks to do.  Such as; change an opt in  form on my blog , create fan page tab or even just upload another WP plugin and things didn’t go quite the way I expected. The computer was wacky that day and my mission was not accomplished. Needless to say I became frustrated.


Why The Frustration?


1. My attempts to downloading a wp plugin etc. did not go the way it did in the video.

2. Spent time beating myself up because I did not get it right.

3. I Faced something new or unexpected.

Frustration is the Great Divider

Frustration will Change your thought process

– changes what you see

– changes your actions


What happens When You Get Frustrated?

Think of about a time when you witnessed a little boy playing with his building blocks.

The blocks kept falling and he becomes frustrated.  At this point he can do one of two things.

1.  Lay on the floor whine, kick,  and scream

2. Stay the course until it’s done and demand victory


Same rings true in business. We get frustrated because there is some learning involved. Plus most people

expect to earn 6 figures overnight with minimal work.


Have you ever heard the term “pay your dues”?

Think about your job, you worked hard to climb up the corporate ladder. You attended  Secondary school and earned degrees, you survived several supervisors, managers and directors. You might have taken several examinations to qualify for a leadership position or worked over-time (all the time)  for a moment to prove yourself.

With that said, it took handwork, determination , dedication and frustration to earn the achievements you have. Furthermore, it did not happen overnight. You have paid your dues or have done your due diligence.


When we get frustrated the magic comes and within your frustration you begin the think like a leader.

– Only through frustration, you mind can come up with a solution

– Begin to take leadership actions

If you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you.  Take a  moment,  stop what you are doing and look around the room you arecurrently in. What do you see?

I’m  creating this post is my office.

I see:

– a cellphone

– file cabinet

– Land Line Telephone

– printer

Edwin G. Seibels got frustrated while working for his fathers insurance firm and created the original file-cabinet so that he could organize documents in the office. His frustration lead to what is the standard in offices today.

Dr. Martin Cooper, got frustrated and  invented of the first cellular phone in 1973 while he was the Project Manager at Motorola. Today, cellular phones are integral apart of our lives, some people cannot function without their cellular phones.


It’s okay to get frustrated. That frustration can lead you to your breakthrough in your MLM.

So go out there and  ramp up the Get Frustration!

” You don’t have to get it right you just have to do it”

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Daria Jackson-Legagneur











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About The Author


A Network Marketer/ Educator who is committed to empowering people with Network Marketing strategies and encouraging self-improvement. " I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me"


  1. Kevin Cron

    Great post, Daria! Appreciate you sharing this one

    • Daria

      Thanks Kevin

  2. Brenda

    Love your post Daria. I must be a creative genius then, haha as I get frustrated at least once a day.. Its how to overcome it that counts.

    • Daria

      Yes you are Brenda! You Rock!

  3. Pat McKeon


    I love your article on Frustration!!
    Frustration can be a catalyst in so
    many ways for us…I love your perspective on it
    and yup you are on point: Frustration will lead
    to success if we can just listen !!


    • Daria

      Yes, frustration will take you to a break-thru. Thanks for stopping by.


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