How to Set Up Your Network Marketing Schedule

How to Set Up Your Network Marketing Schedule

It is easy to  Setup a Schedule for your Network Marketing Business


10 Suggestions to help Setup a Realistic Schedule for yourself

Setting a schedule can be very hard for some network marketers to do!  For some reason they like to say things like, “but I’m doing this so I can have flexibility with my life”.  That is TRUE.  However, if you want to have a successful business so you can HAVE flexibility, you need to create a  schedule.


Here are some suggestions I laid out to help you set your Network Marketing schedule:


  1. First put in any “other” work priorities.  In other words, if you work another full or part time job, that needs to be marked out of your calendar.  You are not available during that time.
  2. Mark out any standing family/church obligations you have.  For instance, if you have family dinner Sunday nights at your in-laws, that’s an appointment, so jot it down.  Or, if you are a youth leader on Wednesday nights, that needs to be penciled in as well.
  3. Mark out kids sporting events.  Don’t compromise on this.  Family is high priority and no matter how much money you can potentially earn, don’t put money before your family time so document all of your kids events as an appointment.
  4. Pencil in a date night with your spouse at least 1-2 times per month.  Trust me on this one, it makes for a happy spouse!
  5. If you are at home with the kids, mark out times for getting kids off to school, homework time, etc.
  6. Don’t forget your “pamper me time”.  Whether it’s working out, getting a massage, reading a book or taking a bubble bath, document it!!! You’ll be surprised how much you put yourself last despite how busy you seem to be doing “stuff”.
  7. Personal Development/Meditation/Prayer – it’s best to spend at least 30 minutes every day doing something that will build up your mental strength.  We deal with so much on a daily basis and rarely get the chance to “woosaahhh”, so allow 30 minutes each day to either meditate, pray or read an inspirational book that will get you motivated and ready to conquer the world.
  8. Now you have your time available.  Mark CHUNKS of time that you can devote to your business.  Just because you have 20 hours left does not mean you can just say you’ll work “whenever”.  Specifically set aside days and times that you will be working your business, and the specific activities you will be doing at specific times.
  9. Next decide what that time will be spent on.  You will need to set aside time for prospecting, time for follow up calls, time for marketing etc.  The time will go quick, so pencil it in and stick to your guns on your time.
  10. You may decide that you need to get up an hour earlier to fit in an extra hour to work on your business.  Especially if you work another job.
  11. If it helps, color code your business time and highlight it in green – which means, it’s MONEY MAKING time!

So There you have it.

Create  your schedule today! I would love to hear your feedback on your experience in setup a schedule for your self.

Got value please leave a comment and share with your team.

I hope this was helpful.

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