The Four Agreements You Need to Make with Yourself

The Four Agreements You Need to Make with Yourself

The Four Agreements, by Miguel Ruiz

This simply powerful, but not easy book to live by provides a possibility to regain, sharpen, elevate or gain mastery on the single most important thing on this planet, YOU.  I read this powerful work almost 5 years ago and still benefit from its teachings and lessons to this date.

Whatever your challenges are in your life, when the dust settles all roads lead to how well you feel about yourself. This book can and will transform your thinking and who you are being in life just by reading it and being open minded.  I  believe where we often get tripped up in life is our unwavering belief systems that we are afraid to have challenged. The story of little girl asking her mother why the cuts off the wings of the big bird. Her mother replies that how grandma taught me baby.  The little girl goes to her grandmother and ask the same question, and grandma replies that is what my Mama has taught me. Finally, the little girl finds her great grandmother in her bedroom watching television. The little girl excuses herself and pose the same question to her great grandmother and with a little affectionate laughter she says ” Baby I had to cut them wings off, because my pot was to small”.

If you are doing any business and you are not investing your money and time to learn and development YOUR know how, then you are just out for a walk on the business field and it will soon spit YOU out.  There are countless opportunities out there to work to your success, but after you get in and understand with you are doing, the need to maintain a strong vision, goal or purpose is contingent upon YOUR ability to maintain a healthy MINDSET.

The Four Agreements is not a fix all your challenges away kind of book. It is one of perhaps a million self-help books available, but I can promise this much about this one in particular, it can make the difference between you staying broke or earning whatever your hearts desires where money is concerned.

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