What’s Holding You Back In MLM?

What’s Holding You Back In MLM?

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Break Free Of MLM Paralysis

Something in your mind is holding you back from you doing what is necessary to grow your business. It is up to you to find out what it is and get it flowing.


Have you found yourself in a situation where you know what to do but, your mind was keeping you from executing it?

Have you also found yourself starting to make excuses not to do what is needed to be done to be successful?

In doing so, it becomes harder and harder each day to get back into the game.


It’s the first week in January. There’s a buzz in the air about setting goals for the new year. It’s all fluff because by the 4th week in January the goals set will be already forgotten because of the cycle of self talk would have begun to kick in.

It sounds like this:

  • Who am I kidding, no one will ever listen to me.
  • This whole Network Marketing thing is a scam, it will never work.
  • I don’t have what it takes to be successful online.
  • I am too_______________. ( You fill in the blank)

That kind of talk destroys your chances of getting what you want. At that moment your conscious mind takes over powers your subconscious.

How do I get my body to do what my brain wants it to?

It equivalent to being paralyzed because your brain may say move your left hand but you can’t. You want your actions to derive from your head and eventually manifest on your lips or hand.


Another way of saying this is our minds tell us what we are want  to do but, our bodies are revolt.

The Key is that most people train their brain not to believe them.

The sad thing is, it is totally unconscious.

One of the biggest problems we have is believing other people over ourselves.  We train ourselves  not to  be successful and productive.

If you tell your brain that you are going to achieve huge unattainable goals, plus don’t discipline yourself or take the necessary steps to get them done. You just trained your brain not to believe you.


We were all born with will power. It is will power that is going to get us in the driver’s seat to our destination. It’s a major player in our production.


Setting a goal in which you never do the work to achieve, is setting yourself up for failure. Setting yourself up failure numerous of times in a row, creates a disconnect in the brain, which results in  you not believing a word that you said.

So…What’s the Remedy?

Begin by setting an outcome daily. For example:

  1. I will create one post daily.
  2. I will call 5 leads daily.
  3. I will read something empowering daily.
  4. I will evaluate my actions daily.

These are examples of outcomes that are attainable because you have control of them. You don’t have to start with four. It could be one. Do that one until it becomes a part of your subconscious. Then add another one.

You will see your business beginning to take form and your accomplishments will become greater. You will be training your brain to flow with the small money making tasks, preparing it for the larger one.


Your brain cannot tell the difference between tasks yielding $15 a month versus 15,000 a month once you train it.

It’s similar to building muscle over time. You don’t become a body builder over night, it’s a process.


Commit to what you are will to do TODAY. Make the outcome feasible and something that you can make happen. Set an outcome for the next day and so on…

You will find yourself writing killer articles and email promotions that bring immediate profit. More and more people will be drawn to you than you can imagine.


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Daria Jackson-Legagneur


About The Author


A Network Marketer/ Educator who is committed to empowering people with Network Marketing strategies and encouraging self-improvement. " I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me"

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