Where Do You Find the Best Training in the Direct Sales Industry?!?

Where Do You Find the Best Training in the Direct Sales Industry?!?

Is the a dumb question or a logical one, I referring to the subject line above of course. People with all the technology around are still wondering what are the best practices when it comes to lots of different things. I am going to just focus this blog on training in the Direct Sales Industry. Direct sale is the selling of a product or service directly to the customer away for a fixed retail location.

Now the key in this definition is fixed retail location and many big brand corporations do such an awesome job marketing the BRAND that consumers will line up outside their fixed retail locations to make the purchase.   See APPLE, NIKE, BMW, TOYOTA and others create that demand for the goods. Hollywood is another industry the does well in this arena.

When comes to DIRECT SALES it’s a little different in that someone will more that likely be the physical fixed item you come face to face with. You will want to know whether the decision you about to make on this product or service is going to cut the mustard.

Things to looks in for when your dealing with a direct sales company, (1) who is running the company, (2) What are their core values or mission statement (3)What does the compensation plan looks like. (4) What is their bottom line product selling to the customer or rep buying inventory to stock the the home garage. Imagine the stock pile of inventory hitting the roof of your garage and you cannot move it fast enough.

Training needs to be simple and yet very deep. Personal and in your face. Anything less is just about going through the motions with very little results. Well, take this 13 minute journey with me on this video I did with my lovely wife, sharing our experience from this training from our primary company.

I was my pleasure to share this with you and I hope you found value within it. Please share your comments and thoughts.

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