Why People Fail at Working from Home

Why People Fail at Working from Home

Well is it more question than reality, lets see what the sources say about it. From wikipedia to the printed media and that excludes this blog. The conversation about the failure rate of people engaging in working from home opportunities is mostly bad news. The industry has been highly criticized, lawsuits have been filed and relationships destroyed, the truth be told that could be applied to a lot of other industries as well, but I am only going to talk about working from home.

Most people see working from home opportunities as illegal pyramid schemes, price fixing of goods and services, high initial entry costs (for the marketing kits and intro/sample products). Now, by definition a pyramid is the exchange of money for no service or product, just the promise that at the next meeting you will increase your investment. Based on the individual involved a lot of people have fallen for the scheme.

Well lets look at the people themselves that joined a work from home opportunity. Many are everyday, hard working people accustomed to set hours, set pay and set retirement (some 40 years later).  Many people get in trying to make a fast buck, the person they came under made the opportunity sound easy to do and at the first challenge (usually at the time they run out of family and friends to talk to) they quit. Others do not engage in industry wide training’s (they are sold on the illusion that their company offers the best and only in the marketplace), do not develop daily routines, set goals or just treat the BUSINESS like a BUSINESS, it becomes more of a hobby instead.

Hey, I am just saying, there are 2 sides to every story and for those of us in the industry that do the exact opposite of what has been outlined above know without a doubt that the bad rap the work from house community has attached to it is very overblown. Just like the employee who arrives at work and does nothing to earn his/her check with eventually be caught and fired. The working from home person does not have that luxury as an option. You must put in the work to reap the rewards of FREEDOM. There is a lot of hard work and sacrifice put in to have the more time with your self, family, vacation or fishing. Whatever, your fancy, working from home can provide for you and your entire family in a ways you could only imagine.

Here is a FACT that most people are too busy working to see, every organized government that ever exist has always allowed the business man or woman to claim their share of the income FIRST and pay their TAXES later. On the other-hand the worker always pays their taxes FIRST and got their wages after.

This is truly a very rewarding industry if you recognized it as such. Gone are the days working for the next 40 years for a company, that has lost its appeal to you, but your are there to pay the bills and WHY NOT YOU. There are work at homes opportunities  out there to suit everyone needs, style or niche, but you have to create some separation between working for yourself or a boss. We call it M.A.D. Make A Decision to work very hard and NOT quit UNTIL……. that is what we do and hold NO ONE responsible for any let downs or upset. Yes we FIGHT, WE FIGHT……..through the ups and downs, the critics and mistakes. In the end we smell the roses of our success after respect the process and do the work. Never living in FEAR of down sizing, crazy and senseless changes or not being in the in crowd. WHAT A FEELING!

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